Why Advertise With Pod Hive?

What Pod Hive Offers Advertisers

Podcasts are the perfect vehicle for your business to gain that word of mouth traction that every great business strives for.

That’s what Pod Hive does.

We assemble quality, consistent podcasts with 400 – 20,000 downloads a month, and match your sponsored messages with them by total number of downloads, and sometimes by podcast subject matter type or geographic region.


We supply you with average aggregate downloads across all the podcasts in which your ad will be heard, obtained through industry accepted statistics trackers. We’ll even write the ad copy and provide other production services if needed and obtain proof of performance.  Social media tie-ins are also available on a case by case basis.


By aggregating smaller podcasts we can provide more affordable opportunities for advertisers to reach the type of dedicated, highly engaged listeners that podcasts of all kinds and sizes intimately communicate to every day.

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