The 5 Best Ways To Grow Your Podcast Through Social Media

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The 5 Best Ways To Grow Your Podcast Through Social Media

By Maddy Sprenger – Guest Columnist


1. Start social media accounts!


The first thing you want to do when you’re looking to grow your audience on social media is pretty obvious: Start social media accounts!


But do you need all of them?

There are a lot of social media platforms. But do you need all of them?



With so many different choices (YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, etc) it can be hard to figure out which sites to join.


You should ask yourself a few questions to determine where you should invest your time. It takes a lot of maintenance to feed and water a variety of social media accounts so ask yourself how much time you reasonably have to put into social media posting.


If you have a small amount of time, go for the channels with the largest audience and provide the largest payoff like Facebook and YouTube.


The second thing you need to do is identify your audience. If you’re trying to reach women between 25 and 40 you would probably want to pick Facebook and Pinterest. If you’re trying to reach teens or even Tweens, head to Snapchat & Vine. These are just examples; you want to really dig deep, determine where your audience is and put yourself there.


If you don’t understand Vine, that’s ok.


If I was going to make a “One Size Fits All” recommendation for podcasters, I would recommend Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as a good place to start.



2.  Make genuine connections.


There is nothing worse than picking up your phone, seeing that glorious red notification sign on one of your social media apps, and poking at it with excitement only to see that it’s a DM from someone with a message that has clearly been copied and pasted and sent out to as many people as possible.


People can tell when you aren't being genuine

People can tell when you aren’t being genuine.



Don’t reach out to someone just to get followers. Reach out to someone who you would like to interview for your podcast. Send a message to someone who posted something you talked about on last week’s episode. Tag someone who is going to be a guest on your show next week. If you wouldn’t walk up to someone and say it, don’t say it on social.


Compliment people, give people tips, ask for advice, or anything else that makes a legitimate connection between you and the person or organization you’re hoping to interact with.



3. Be consistent.


How many times have you looked for a business on Facebook just to find out that they haven’t posted anything since 2014. You need to keep all of the accounts you set up current. If you can, invest in a service like Hootsuite or Buffer that will let you manage a lot of your social accounts for one place.




Choose a time each week that you know you can commit to and sit down and schedule posts out for the week. If you’re not ready to invest, you can at least assemble all of the content you want to share and lay it out for the week so that all you have to do is grab it and post it on the right day at the right time.


Facebook will allow you to schedule posts for free and so will Tweetdeck. The most proven way to grow social platforms is to keep posting on them over a long period of time.



4. Keep it conversational.


You should post on social media accounts for your podcast in basically the same way you would your own account, in terms of the kind of words you use and your tone. Unless your podcast is about you or there is some other reason why it would make sense, focus on things that relate to your podcast rather than sharing details about your personal life.


Unless it’s videos of your cat. Always share cat videos.


Always relevant.


Really though, the best thing you can do is seem like a real person on your accounts. No one wants to interact with what they perceive to be an internet robot.


On a similar note responding to people on social media is extremely important. If you were in a room with someone and they said something to you, it’s unlikely that you would sit silently not reacting to their comment. It’s just as rude on social media as it would be in person. When someone says something, make sure you respond to them!



5. Share original, quality content.


No one wants to see the same meme with the joke that’s been going around since 2013 posted again.



Try to stay current. Unless it’s a timeless cat video.

The best thing you can do is create original content.
Use a meme builder to make your own meme. Go Live on Facebook during your show. Add captions and pictures to your cast and put it on YouTube. Film something on your iPhone. Write an article. Take a photo.


The options are endless but the idea is important. You want to get people’s attention so give them something they haven’t seen before. Use clean fonts that are easy to read. Remember that most people are viewing your social content on a phone screen so preview everything at that size. Even though your podcast is about getting people to listen, getting them to look first will benefit you. That said, sharing content (with attribution) from other accounts can also help you grow a new audience.


Have fun with it and enjoy growing your fan base!

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