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Podcast Statistics Rundown

We Need Good Stats!

For your podcast to participate in Pod Hive’s advertising cooperative, you need to provide us with verified stats. Thorough statistics will be a valuable resource for your show in determining where your audience is, how they are listening, and what direction you might want to take with expanding your audience.

For advertisers, these statistics are must-have information. Pod Hive aggregates our partners’ state-by-state downloads to create advertising packages suited for sponsors. This is why we require this data.

Important Update: If you are able to provide us with state-level stats for your show, that will give us more sponsorship opportunities, but we are now accepting podcasts into the network if they only have stats for their total downloads available.

Stat Providers

The more detailed information we can get about your podcast the better. We prefer to have statistics that break down by state and city. Currently Pod Hive accepts these more advanced stats from Libsyn.com (Advanced Stats), Soundcloud.com (Pro Unlimited Stats), and Blubrry.com.


Use our promo code “PODHIVE” if you’re signing up for Libsyn’s or Blubrry’s services for a discount on your first month. (Disclosure: Pod Hive may make a small commission when our promo code is used)

If you’re a podcaster just getting started and interested in signing your podcast up with Pod Hive in the future, we recommend using Libsyn’s hosting, RSS feed and statistical services. Use our promo code “PODHIVE” if you’re signing up as a new customer for a discounted first month.

Getting Pod Hive Your Data

After your podcast signs up and we’ve been able to review your show, we’ll send you a request to furnish us with your download data. If you don’t have this yet, don’t worry, we’ll wait while you get your stat tracking established.


When you have the data ready, we’ll send you to our online form and ask you fill in the relevant markets with your monthly data, and furnish us with a corroborating PDF or screen capture from the stat provider. We may ask for additional information to verify the data.

Monetizing Your Social Media Reach

The idea of monetizing your social media might not be for every podcaster. That’s why we make this an add-on service for sponsors which podcaster may choose to opt-in at their discretion.

If you’re a podcast partner opting in for our social media program, we’ll ask for the basic traffic details of your accounts, and may ask you run a test referral link to gauge your conversion and geographic reach.


Moving an established podcast can be precarious, especially if your current hosting platform doesn’t offer a way to forward your RSS feed. If you find yourself in this position, with a healthy listener base but without a good way to get stats, we might be able to use your social media reach to get usable sponsorship data.

We Love Podcasting

Pod Hive does what it does because we love podcasting. This venture was founded by two podcasters realizing that sponsorship dollars were sorely needed to help unique and emerging podcasts. We do what we do to help make the podcasting industry better. Supporting smaller, independent podcasts helps keep voices in the industry diverse and fresh.


In turn our partner podcasts can provide a sponsorship medium that will help support local and regional businesses by giving dedicated audiences a chance to hear their message.

We say this because the topic of stats and monetization can seem dry and depersonalizing. Pod Hive loves podcasts, and we do what we do to help the community flourish.

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