Podcast Partners

Our mission and requirements

Our Mission:

Matching Advertisers with Quality Small-to-Medium Sized Podcasts

Pod Hive brings together quality, consistent podcasts with between 400 and 20,000 downloads a month and offers advertisers sponsored messages based on total monthly downloads in which their ad messages are heard.


Pod Hive is also growing its ability to match advertisers with podcasts based on podcast subject matter type and geographic download information.


In short, we offer podcasts that are not big enough on their own to get the attention of advertisers a way to get paid support for their shows.


We also help advertisers get their messages out in the uniquely free, intimate and highly personal and tailored messaging space that is podcasting without paying monster-sized podcast ad prices or minimums.

Podcast Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to join our advertising collective project, these are our current requirements:

At Least 400 Monthly Downloads

We are currently signing up podcasts that average at least 400 monthly downloads (that’s 100+ downloads per show if you produce four shows a month)


Your podcast needs to have basic stats (showing total downloads), but advanced stats showing a breakdown by state are gladly accepted and will garner more sponsorship opportunities.*

Active Schedule

Your podcast needs to have an active production schedule, producing at least one new show per month

*We currently accept verified statistics (for example statistics from Libsyn, Soundcloud or Blubrry). If you have a source you would like us to consider include it in the signup form.


If you’re a new podcast or moving to Libsyn, use our promo code “PODHIVE” for a discount on your first month. We also offer a similar promo for Blubrry customers with the code “PODHIVE”. (Disclosure: Pod Hive may make a small commission when our promo code is used)

Looks Good? Let’s Get Started!

Don’t meet these requirements yet or just want to stay in the loop? We’d still love to have you as part of the Pod Hive community. Here’s our standalone signup for our newsletter.


When your podcast grows to meet these standards we want to have you on board! And if the monthly download criteria becomes more relaxed we will keep you updated through the newsletter.