Podcast Partner Stat Form

For partners providing us with stats

Stat Updater for Pod Hive Partner Podcasts

If you have a podcast that has signed up for the Pod Hive network, we ask that you fill out this form based on your total download statistics.


We use this data to get an initial picture of your recent traffic, and will have follow-up requests for more data as sponsorship deals develop.


Don’t have stats for your podcast or need more information? Review our post on acceptable statistics providers.

Tips for this form

You can select a recent date range, for example your previous 3 months, or provide a longer range for your podcast.


Some platforms offer “listens” in lieu of “downloads.” Both are acceptable.


If you run into issues attaching a pdf of the stats (or you forget!) email them directly to us. Note that the screenshot should include information that identifies the source of the stats.

Please leave this field empty.

Total Downloads/Listens for the Date Range

Please attach a pdf export or screen capture of your monthly statistics report. (File size limit 2 MB, you can provide separately by email if you run into issues).