Podcast Partner Stat From (States)

Provide your state-level stats for your show

Stat Updater for Pod Hive Partner Podcasts

If you have a podcast that has signed up for the Pod Hive network, we’ll ask when you sign up to fill out this form based on your total download statistics if you have state-level stats available. Only fill in markets with relevant data.


Don’t have stats for your podcast or need more information? Review our post on acceptable statistics providers.

Tips for this form

On this form you can ignore states without data, or minimal traffic (only a few downloads).


You don’t need to zero out those forms, just fill in the fields with relevant data.


This is a big form, listing all fifty states. It will be easiest to use a desktop browser, and use control-f to find the next market you’re looking to fill in.


If you run into issues attaching a pdf of the stats (or you forget!) email them directly to us.

Please leave this field empty.

Downloads by state for the month

Nominal downloads for markets can be omitted

Note: If you lack state-level data fill in the total downloads above and leave the state fields blank.

Please attach a pdf export or screen capture of your monthly statistics report. (File size limit 2 MB, you can provide separately by email if you run into issues).