5 Smart Ways to Grow Your Show You Haven’t Thought of Yet

by Jessica Kupferman, Owner of j/k media agency

So you’ve just launched your podcast, or you’ve had it for a while, and things are going well.

You have a steady audience, people are giving you great feedback, and life is wonderful

Depending on your goals, this could be enough for you – but if you want to monetize, either with advertisers or by increasing your business, you’ll need to consistently increase your audience.

As if you don’t have enough to do, eh?

Fear not, brave broadcasting brothers and sisters. Creative, low-maintenance marketing is the answer to consistent growth without putting a dent in your time OR your bank account.

1. Targeted Facebook Ads For Your New Episodes

When you have a new show that’s ready, you can target people with specific interest using Facebook.

Have a hot guest with a nice big audience?

Try focusing your promotion on just people that like your guests’ Facebook page, or you can look up interests of people who like ANY group or page and target people with just those interests. (Did you know that? Super neat, huh?)

If you don’t have a show with guests, but you mention a specific issue, product or service in this episode, target those who are interested in that instead.

Example – you’re doing a review on Libsyn, so you would target people who liked the Libsyn page. It’s a great way to expose yourself to people who are interested in your topic, even if you’re a solo act.

2. Bring People Back To The Oldies

Unless you have a timely news show, (and if you do, sorry – this one ain’t for you) you can set up what’s called a queue of tweets and updates for Twitter of older episodes that are still relevant.

For example, I recently hit 100 shows – and I have a queue set up so that once every 6 hours, I randomly tweet about one of them. It really helps both your download rates and helps people discover and rediscover your content.

I continually get feedback on shows that I posted months ago. I have my queue set up using Social Oomph but you can also use Meet Edgar, Social Jukebox, or Hootsuite’s automated feature and just stick a few in there every week to go at optimal times.

The key to using this strategy is that you should be actively growing Twitter, too. Otherwise you’re talking to the same X number of people.

ManageFlitter is a great service that allows you to AUTOMATE your growth using their Remote Management feature. I decide what keywords or whose followers to pull from, and then it will automatically follow whom I choose. Then after a while I clean house, get rid of anyone who didn’t follow me or who might be spam and go again. For $12 a month, I’ve gotten great results from them.

3. BE Interviewed On Other Podcasts

Why? Because the people listening to those shows already know how to listen to podcasts and enjoy them, so they’re the perfect folks who might be right for your show, too.

Look under your topic in the New and Noteworthy, especially – they’re getting an influx of new audience and are looking for great guests to interview, usually. They are eager and excited to interview a seasoned podcaster – and the results are great for you both!

4. Show People What To Do

Yeah, this one made me smack my head like I coulda had a V-8. Jonny Andrews from Audience Hacker suggested this to me – I can’t take credit for it – but dang, isn’t that smart!

Have a one minute video on your website or your podcast page that SHOWS people how to download and listen! I also have one that shows people how to review it. This way people who visit your site won’t feel like they need to learn how to program their VCR in order to enjoy your content.

It’ll grow your show because you’ll be (hopefully) converting new podcast listeners for us ALL to benefit from!

5. Content Could Be Your Key

This one also may seem obvious – but choosing your content wisely could be another key to podcast growth.

Guests that have recent fame, successes or failures, or topics that are SUPER hot because of seasons, sports, TV, what have you – when lots of people are Googling something or someone, you should rally for a little of the action! It’s easy to become self-indulgent with content: invite your friends on, talk about whatever floats your podcaster’s boat, and you should, because it’s your show.

But think of yourself as part of the media, now. The media is always looking for a hot story, because that’s what grabs readers, watchers and listeners, and taking a page from their strategy could work wonders for yours, too.

Example: I interviewed a woman named Lori Cheek who was recently on Shark Tank, and the episode did amazing. If I had done it last week, it wouldn’t have been as successful of an episode – but I timed it so that I interviewed her two days after her company was MAJORLY denied on national TV – and had it air the following Wednesday. It was fresh news, the Shark Tank had a fresh kill, and my episode shared her reaction to it while her wet suit was drying on the towel rack.

Lori Cheek on Shark Tank

You can search on Amazon for books that are JUST about to come out, or look for people who have events coming up, too. You can also scour Twitter and Facebook for stuff that’s trending and chat about that. It’s a great way to show you’re on the ball AND grab a piece of the Google search pie.

Even though you may not be the most skilled at marketing, any one of these strategies (or all of them!) could be great for getting your show to the next level. I’d love to hear if any of them worked for you or if you have a secret strategy of your own!

You can find Jessica Kupferman on Twitter as @JessKupferman

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